Euroheat&Power generalinė asamblėja ir konferencija „Šildymas be globalinio atšilimo: centralizuotai tiekiama šiluma aprūpinami pastatai, neišskiriantys anglies dvideginio“ (Heating without Global Warming: Low carbon buildings with DHC)


05 birželio, 2008


Briuselis, Belgija




  1. The Role of District Energy and CHP.ppt (2.15 MB) (Pieter Boot, International Energy Agency)
  2. Planning and Climate Change.ppt (7.76 MB) (Peter Ellis, Departemnt of Communities and Local Government, The United Kingdom)
  3. Climate city Ulm with biomass.ppt (4.42 MB) (Dieter Danks, Stadtwerke Ulm, Germany)
  4. Local, efficient, clean.ppt (2.78 MB) (Damjan Mulej, EL-TEC Mulej, Slovenia)
  5. Heating and Cooling with water from lake Geneva.ppt (10.04 MB) (Alexis Mayer, Geneva State Energy Service, Switzerland)
  6. Sustainability as a utility strategy.ppt (3.16 MB) (Phil Piddington, RWE, The United Kingdom)
  7. Sustainable urban architecture.ppt (8.23 MB) (Christoph Peters, Sabate Associates – arquitectura I sostenibilidad, Spain)
  8. Biogas CHP for new urban developments in the Netherlands.ppt (7.92 MB) (Klaas de Jong, Essent Warmte, Netherlands)
  9. Calculating savings from final to primary energy.ppt (132.00 KB) (Tomas Bruce, Adviser to the Swedish Governmant onEnergy Efficiency, Sweden)






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